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So before you read these fics, you might want to know who these sexy, totally not self-insert, bitches are.

  Ace Attorney

She's a prosecutor that works closely with Bobby Fulbright.

  Beast Wars

Hysteria is a fierce and cunning femme who serves as a loyal member of the Maximal faction in the ongoing war against the Predacons. She takes on the form of a hyena in her beast mode, and her razor-sharp teeth and powerful jaws make her a formidable opponent in battle. Despite her fearsome appearance, Hysteria possesses a keen intellect and a deep sense of loyalty to her fellow Maximals. She is fiercely protective of her friends and will stop at nothing to ensure their safety. Her sharp wit and biting sarcasm often provide some much-needed levity in the midst of battle. She can be a little tomboyish, and has no qualms about joking with the other mechs like they joke with one another. She’s quick to snap back at Rattrap’s snarky remarks. Though Dinobot tends not to join in on this tomfoolery, he has found humor in some of her retorts and may even add in a quip himself to back her up, especially if it’s at the expense of Rattrap.
Hysteria was originally a researcher with a focus in alternative energy sources, aboard the Axalon to explore and survey uninhabited worlds to further this research. She was in one of the stasis pods that were sent into orbit as the Axalon crashed towards earth. After the activation of her stasis pod, Hysteria is missing much of her memory. She was briefed about the ongoing war with the Predacons by Primal, who was accompanied by Dinobot. Waking to be told that she must join a war she did not sign up for did not sit well with her, and she declined the request to join the Maximals back aboard the Axalon, much to Dinobot’s chagrin. This moment, though brief, left a lasting impression on both of them.
Hysteria isn't exactly a team player, but works better with Dinobot than she does with anyone else, which leads to them frequently getting paired up for missions and assignments once she does join the Maximals. Though they respect and care for one another, their strong personalities tend to clash, causing them to butt heads and bicker from time to time. Since Hysteria takes traits from her hyena beast mode, she can be an aggressive alpha female, even after her Predacon programming is reverted. Dinobot is old fashioned, and has a great sense of honor... which leads to subtle chivalrous behavior that can get under Hysteria's skin at times.
The two do complement each other. Hysteria’s loyalty is tenfold in regards to Dinobot, and she is the first to use her sharp tongue to shut down any who question his motives or his allegiance to the Maximals. Dinobot’s honor doesn’t stop with being a soldier; he is also a gentleman. Though they still bicker, their arguing tends to be more playful and almost flirtatious outside of battle.

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Lady Gwendolyna is a peculiar little vampire. Offered as a virgin sacrifice as a young girl to appease Dracula, the count took her in and raised her as his own. Yet this wasn’t without an ulterior motive. He turned her without her knowledge, and hoped that her fear of what humans did to her would become resentment and turn her into a truly formidable monster.

Her youth left her reclusive. Her time is split between the library, where she reads to escape her reality, and the chapel, where she prays to a God who may no longer listen to a creature like herself. She’s fascinated with Richter Belmont upon seeing him, as he is the first human that she’s laid eyes on in centuries. Pious and faithful, she sees him as the answer to centuries of prayers. She believes he was sent by God to save her from damnation. She quickly falls in love with him, despite the wicked curse he is under. She doesn't care if she's being used, being with him is the most alive she's felt in ages.

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Leonine Malmsteen is a mystic seer and fortune teller. Her powers came from her mother, Steliana. When she was younger, her mother fled with her to a village where she met Simon Belmont as a child. The outsiders became fast friends and were inseparable until Simon had to leave for Castlevania.

Forever in love with Simon, she never found another man despite his behavior after he returned from his battle with Dracula. Years later, he returns to her before embarking on his quest. Once free from Dracula’s curse, Simon pursues the relationship with Leonine that he had been denying himself.

Opposites attract when it comes to Leonine and Simon. Her big mouth and bigger personality more than make up for her short stature. Fiery and outspoken, she often does the talking for the stoic Belmont.

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Olivia "Liv" Nicole Carmichael grew up in a small town in Georgia. She was the only daughter of a very strict, conservative Christian family. As she got older, her interest in metal music, comic books, horror movies, and boys alienated her. After graduating, she moved up north to escape and start a new life, settling in Leonardo, NJ on her way to New York because it was cheaper. Her ultimate goal was to attend college, but she hit a snag when she needed money to live off of first. She became a stripper, and quickly caught the attention of others due to her macabre aesthetic. An adult film producer discovered her, and she began starring in horror-themed pornos as "Liv N. Dead" to make the money for school.
While attending community college, she got a day job to both make ends meet and give herself a cover. In 1996, she begins working at the Quick Stop convenience store and meets Randal Graves. After he discovers her identity, the two begin fooling around with one another. Their sexual comaptibilty leads to a passionate, yet rocky relationship. As their feelings for each other grow more serious, Randal's general immaturity and commitment issues begin to drive a wedge between them. They eventually break up after a few wild years together just before she transfers to a university in California to get her degree in Software Development.
After doing a bit of growing up after the events of Clerks 2, Randal eventually reconnects with her and they pick up right where they left off.

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  Devil May Cry

Diva Youngblood is a scholar of the occult, with a focus in demonology, growing fascinated with the topic after a demonic encounter as a girl. In spite of her career, she winds up doing administrative work for a living, often as a secretary... until she stumbled upon a listing that Devil May Cry could use an administrative assistant. She's dedicated to any work thrown her way whether it be stacking up empty pizza boxes or juggling calls. In spite of her quiet and reserved nature, she's warm and friendly... until you give her a reason not to be. She may be unassuming, but she doesn't take nonsense from anyone, not even a devil himself.

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  Final Fantasy XV

Landica Canis Mingere just exists to fuck Ignis. I can't remember a damn thing about her other than her name and this gaia avi I made of her back in the day.

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  Jurassic Park

She's the best fucking OC ever.

  Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pyralis is a fiery goddess and Hades's boo thang. No relation to Pyrrhon.


Melissa "Missy" Diavolo is the bassist, co-founder, and lyricist for the dark thrash metal band "Clit Leech." She hails from a little south of Atlanta Just recently signed to Crystal Mountain Records, her band is on the fast track to fame thanks to their heavy sound, sleazy lyrics, and shock factor. In an attempt to make Clit Leech the next big thing, they are paired up to open for Dethklok on their North American tour... much to the band's initial disdain. Dethklok quickly changes their tune after spending time on the road with the other band.

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They're technically OCs, right? The other members of Clit Leech are:

  • Axe Gash- Co-founder, drums
  • Paulie "Pocket" Rocket- Lead vocalist, rhythm guitar
  • Goochie T. Bag- Lead guitarist (Goes by Gooch) (His real name is Tom Jones)

  Mortal Kombat

After the fall of its sister realm Edenia, the quiet realm of Hoennia sought a guiding light and leader to unite them in the face of the outworld threat. Pravana Princex, who battled under the alias of 'Surge', was the victor of the tournament that the realm's goddess held and was crowned the Supreme Hoe. The young leader is smart and seductive, with shocking electircal powers and battle prowess that would make the most gruesome of kombatants blush. Despite her tough exterior, she is more of a lover than a fighter, but is willing to ignore that side of herself for her sisters and realm she loves so dearly... But things get komplicated when duty mixes with pleasure, and she finds herself falling for her ally, the protector of Eathrealm and god of thunder, Raiden.

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The goddess of lust and life, mother to all Hoennians.


Annais Renée Amaryllis is a goth chick from a little region that no one has ever heard of. Bored and lonely, she moved to Ballonlea for a change of pace. In Galar, her goal was to prove herself as a trainer and find others like her. She joined the Galarian Pokémon league challenge in hopes of doing this, and wound up becoming champion.

She leans towards dark types. Her partner is her shiny Golisopod, Quesalupa. Other notable Pokémon of hers are: Don Gato the Incineroar, Devito the Gengar, Oni the Grimmsnarl, Nos the Obstagoon, Toxin the Toxtricity, and Cap the Stoutland. She has an interest in Pokémon research, wanting to study the phenomenon of shiny Pokémon, but doesn’t exactly want to be a professor.

Annais met Piers during the challenge, and it was love at first sight. After months of mutual pining and misunderstandings, the two confessed their love for one another. Because of the League’s strict rules for their members, she and Piers have to keep their relationship a secret while she’s champion.

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Cassia Corcoran is an intelligent young lady from Unova. She was raised by her grandfather, Lars. They lived in the outskirts of Castelia City, but would spend their summers in Porto Marinada. When she grew older, she transferred from Noir University in Unova to Naranja Academy in Paldea to finish her degree in Pokémon Biology. Her goal is to become a Pokémon professor with a focus in unifying the regional Pokédexes for a true national dex.

Stringcheese, her Gholdengo, is her partner and best friend. She stumbled upon his when he was a Gimmighoul, and collected coins for him over ten years before he evolved. She attracts ghost types, and the rest of her team includes a Greavard, a Ceruledge, a Skeledirge, an Annihilape, and a Dragapult. She doesn’t consider herself to be much of a trainer. When she enrolled in Naranja, none of her Pokémon were evolved, but she is a natural around them. She let Nemona talk her into pursuing champion rank.

Arven took a special interest in her after seeing how she handled Koraidon. The two upperclassmen bonded over facing titans, and grew closer after the events in Area Zero.

Despite being an honor student, she likes fooling around with Arven and getting high with Stringcheese. She has much more experience than Arven, and introduces him to all sorts of new things.

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Cilissa is the daughter of gym leader Chuck from Johto, but currently living with her mom in Alola. She was a prodigy in her youth, beating Pokemon leagues all over. Despite her squeaky clean exterior, she feels misunderstood and resents the pressure to constantly be a role model. This draws her to Team Skull, and especially their leader, Guzma. Also, she's a total horse girl.

Oriana Monroe is a scientist at the Aether Foundation who specialised in wormhole research, which landed her back in ancient Hisui.

  Rocko's Modern Life

Fiona Fine is a lynx who recently moved back to O'Town and into the house next door to Rocko’s after Melba moved out. Before Rocko gets to know her, she came across as mysterious and aloof, but she is in fact very warm and friendly. She has a teasing, flirty personality and can be forward and cocky at times, but is very considerate and caring.

She has long red hair and spotted fur. She's always wearing outfits that show off her beautiful body, like short shorts and tank-tops. She has been known to use her good looks to get her out of a bind. While she could have any guy she wants, short, sweet guys are the ones that drive her wild.

Don’t let her looks fool you, she’s a total tomboy. She’s a huge fan of wrestling and monster trucks, and makes sure she keeps up with the latest events. Movies, music, and technology are her passions. She works at a video store, Plenty-O-Flix, and spends a lot of time on online chat-rooms when she’s not watching films or listening to albums.

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  Smiling Friends

Pepper works as a sys admin at Toilet Emporium, right next to the Smiling Friends office. She's a gamer, smoker, and nu-metal head. Don't let the lack of smile fool you; she's chipper af.

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  Star Fox

Zorra Lenoir is a raccoon from Fichina and the only female pilot of the Star Wolf team. Her grandfather who raised her was a legendary flight instructor of the Corneria Flight Academy, and she wanted to grow up to be just like him. She joined the flight academy to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, but was expelled after getting in a fight with a chauvinistic instructor. Because of her expulsion, she was blacklisted from flying for the Cornerian Army. She joined a gang after leaving Corneria called the Hot Rodders, where she met Falco Lombardi.

Despite never having finished school Zorra is an ace pilot and one of the few Falco looks up to. She's one of the best in the skies, and her aim is the stuff of legends. The two began a friendly rivalry which blossomed into a friends-with-benefits fling before Falco disappeared. She quit the gang shortly after Falco left. After a brief and uneventful stint as a solo mercenary, she found a gig flying for Star Wolf. She definitely stays around for the perks- a super-fast Wolfen called the Little Rascal, top of the line weapons, and enough money that she doesn't know what to do with it.

She's been in love with Falco for as long as she's known him, but kept her feelings to herself since he was so adamant on flying solo and remaining single. When they ran into each other again years later, they picked up where they left off and their relationship was as steamy as ever. After he came to terms with his feelings for her and a drunken confession, the two entered an official relationship. Team Star Fox does know about her relationship with Falco, but she keeps it a secret from Star Wolf.

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  Street Fighter

Nicola "Nokia" Sorrento is an internet personality who frequently streams herself gaming. Don't let her perky egirl persona fool you- she's not just a pretty face. She can and will kick your ass in both fighting games and on the streets, and look cute as hell doing it. Her speciality is Krav Maga.
Her fans love to "ship" her with another popular personality in the fighting circle- Rashid. The two began a friendly rivalry after matching on the "Rumblr" app, and have frequented each other's fights and streams ever since. They both love to play up their chemistry for the cameras, teasing their relationship while never actually confirming it.

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  Wreck-It Ralph

Sex on wheels.