Stop Steering and Start Driving

Written for Kinktober 2022, started because I was complaining that I always take too long to get to the smut so someone suggested I try to write something where I START with the smut lol. I should make this a full fic one day.

Winning a race was never the best part about racing, at least not in the heart of Rex Racer.  Crossing the finish line, hearing the crowd over the roar of the engine, seeing that checkered flag wave- those were great, but nothing more than small details in the grand scheme of it all.  Racing was more than a win.  It was an experience.  When Rex thought of racing, other things came to mind.  The chill of the wind against your cheeks when going 130 km/h.  The pride of seeing a blur of red and white as his younger brother passed him.  The feel of a hot tongue circling his asshole later that night.

Okay, maybe that last part wasn’t a deciding factor of why he got behind the wheel… but it certainly motivated him to do his best.  Just knowing his woman would be watching, waiting on the other side of that finish line, ready to love on him regardless of if he came in first or fiftieth, had him going as fast as the Shooting Star would take him. 

Racing wasn’t so different from making love.  Or perhaps racing was so ingrained in Rex that he saw similarities in every facet of his life, including the more intimate ones.  He’d start out slow, cautious.  Once he got a feel for the course, he’d pace himself.  Going full speed could be risky, and wouldn’t always ensure victory.  Instead, Rex would play it smart, treat those dangerous curves with the respect they deserve, lest he lose control.  When the goal was in sight, he’d pick up speed and give it all he had.  He had gotten far with this method, both in bed and on the track.  Today was no different, and tonight wouldn’t be either.

No, winning wasn’t everything.  The moments after a victory felt the hollowest to Rex.  The wins were never his.  In fact, he had zero wins to his name.  The champion being recognized was Racer X, the Mysterious Masked Racer.  Other racers had the luxury of being surrounded by the ones they loved as they accepted their trophies.  Even his own brother, who shared today’s victory, had everyone who was important to him by his side.  Yet Racer X would accept his win alone, as he always did.  Through the visor of Racer X’s mask, Rex could see her cheering him on from the stands.  It was always bittersweet.  Perhaps one day, he’d be able to bring her on the platform to celebrate with the rest of the family.  He was sure she’d love it if he could kiss her in front of everyone as a champion.  Maybe a time would come where he could throw away his mask, to live and race boldly without fear of repercussions to his loved ones- all his loved ones.  But today was not that day.  He would accept his win in solitude, and be rewarded for it later.

Rex lingered long after everyone had left the stands.  She’d make it back to their hotel room before he did.  Inspector Detector did his best to keep them together without raising suspicion, yet part of that included keeping them apart as much as possible.  After she was safely escorted to their suite, he could move.

Once he received the word, the race to her felt more grueling than any Grand Prix he participated in.  The world was too slow for his liking.  He couldn’t make it to her fast enough. 

The moment he shut the door, she was on him, making up for all the time they had been apart.

“You did good today, Racer X,” she said, drawing him in for a kiss.  Her lips were so warm, so soft and inviting.  It was too easy to succumb, to get lost in the sweet taste of her tongue coaxing his.  “God, you were incredible.  Seeing you drive always takes my breath away.”

Rex didn’t respond.  He always found it hard to speak to her while still in disguise.  Her fingers traced the zipper of his mask as his strong arms held her tight.  The only sound in the room was the slow zip as she pulled it upward.  Once it reached the end of the track, she pulled it off his face and allowed it to fall to the floor.  Fingers once again found the back of his head and pulled him in to press their lips together once more.

The leather of his suit was unforgiving.  It was painfully tight and constricting as his cock hardened when she nipped at his bottom lip and sucked his tongue, but she soon rectified that.  Her hands ghosted his back.  The drag of the zipper down his spine caused him to shiver.  His skin was glazed in a sheen of sweat when she peeled it off his body.  He kicked off his boots, and the suit soon followed.  With him down to his boxers and tank, she grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the bathroom.

She turned away from him only to cut on the faucet, but quickly turned her attention back to him.  She took the liberty of relieving him of his last two articles of clothing, then smirked as she reached for the belt of her robe.  A tug of the tie around her waist confirmed that she had been expecting him.  There was absolutely nothing beneath the big fluffy bathrobe.  Shrugging it off, she tossed it onto the vanity before taking both of his hands in hers and pulling him with her into the shower.

Grabbing a rag, she soaped it up and began to lather his body.  From his face all the way to the tips of his toes, not a single inch of his skin was ignored.  Somehow, she knew exactly where to apply pressure, massaging the knots of his muscles as she scrubbed him clean.

After rinsing the suds away, she sunk to her knees behind him.  The warm mist of the shower felt incredible as her thumbs spread his ass.  This sensation was short-lived, replaced with one far greater.  Leaning in, she licked a wide stripe from his taint up to the small of his back.  Her tongue circled his hole, teasing him with the tip. 

A moan escaped him as he shivered at her mercy.  He didn’t know what he did to deserve her.  Not every woman would put up with all the sneaking around they had to do, with all the nights she wouldn’t know if he would come home, with the uncertainty of tomorrow.  It took a special woman to deal with all that, and still have it in her to go to such lengths for his pleasure.

This wasn’t a race, he reminded himself upon feeling her hand grace his hard-on the same time her tongue thrust inside of him.  As badly as he wanted to cum, he didn’t need to rush this.  For once, Rex could just enjoy the ride.